06 Apr 13 at 11 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker is he gay? :(

No, Marlon is into girls :) You can read many of his interviews, he always talks about past girlfriends.

09 Mar 13 at 5 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker what is marlons instagram?

Marlon’s Instagram user is: http://instagram.com/marlontx

29 Jan 13 at 9 pm

Ginnifer Goodwin and Marlon Teixiera 

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28 Jan 13 at 6 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker are there a lot of marlon blogs? how many do u follow?

They aren’t a lot of Marlon blogs, but the ones that are active are really good and you wont miss any information, pictures and videos of Marlon if you follow them.

28 Jan 13 at 4 pm

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